Peculiar Treasures x LAI is a collection of all things peculiar. From wearable Art & vintage, the collection is filled with unique treasures and lots of color! Peculiar Treasures is for the different, the bold, the unique, the trendsetter. The collection is filled with unique treasures.  You are certain to find pieces that will keep you standing out in any crowd. Everything is Peculiar!


The Artist behind the Style:

Alaina Moné (Lai)

"I was created by the One who holds the ultimate palette and brush. I'm just a reflection, sharing my touch!" - Lai

I have been creating, painting and selling jewelry since I was a little girl.  My passion for fashion and art started early as well. I began thrifting in 2003 in order to find unique pieces to add to my wardrobe as well as to reconstruct (up-cycle) some of the pieces I found, which mainly consisted of painting on clothing.

I created The LAI Collection in 2005. I sold vintage clothing and handmade jewelry while in college at Grambling State University.  I would also vend and do pop-up shops at flea markets and events around my hometown of Washington, D.C. during my summers home. 

With a degree in Visual Communications, I also worked as a freelance photographer for an online fashion and art magazine where I was able to meet and connect with local artists, allowing me the opportunity to style them in my handmade pieces. 

After graduating college, I spent a few months working in photography before becoming an educator. I spent 11 years teaching and running after-school fashion and art clubs.  

I am currently a full time STYLE ARTIST.  My desire is to travel the world thrifting and sharing my love for vintage and art with all who I come in contact with. 

Peculiar Treasures x LAI is a collection that represents ALL of me. LAI stands for Live, Achieve, Inspire. I believe in sharing a piece of who I am because my collection reflects my personality. I hope to inspire others to live in color,  be bold with their style, and never to give up on their passion. Through my passion, I discovered my purpose!



Keep in mind that you were created to stand out! You are Special. You are Treasured. Therefore, you are to do nothing less than exude the best.  Your style alone speaks volumes before you open your mouth. Who are you? You are a Peculiar Treasure. You didn't ask to be, it's just how it is.

Peculiar Treasures is for the different, the bold, the unique, the trendsetters. From handmade to vintage, you are certain to find treasures that will keep you standing out in any crowd. Everything is Peculiar!